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For me, art is intrinsically linked with nature and the living environment. I find it so much easier to be inspired when I'm close to nature, trees, plants and open spaces. At the moment I live in London and although there is beauty in so much of the architecture and people here, I find it much harder to translate that into art.

You will see from this website that much of my art is plant based, and the inspriation for that comes from excursions to the countryside, and from photographs I took in the nineties when I was lucky enough to be living in rural Sussex.

Born in the Midlands to a hard working family, my creative side was encouraged and I always loved messing around in the garden. Making and growing things was so satisfying and could absorb my attention for hours. My love of the outdoors was nurtured by the holidays my parents took me on; we went to some fantastic places in England and France where I experienced forests, river valleys, open countryside and coastlines.

At school I loved art, but was also good at more 'academic' subjects, and so ended up not taking art any further than GCSE level. I didn't stop doing art then though, and I don't suppose I ever will. I've dabbled with pottery as well, and would really love to do more of it.

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